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Craniosacral Therapy works with the subtle natural rhythms of the body. It is a very gentle relaxing therapy using a very light touch. When working with babies and children the child will normally lie or sit fully clothed on the parents or therapists lap while the therapist evaluates the body’s natural rhythmic movement. The therapist works with these rhythms using a subtle touch to achieve releases and restore balance. Craniosacral therapy can be a deeply relaxing therapeutic experience.

"Pete treated my (almost) 6 month old daughter to help with her reflux. He has a calming, engaging presence and seemed to connect very quickly with her so she was relaxed which was brilliant considering she had only just met him!

After her treatment she was a little unsettled which Pete assured me was perfectly normal. Over the next few days there was an improvement in her reflux and she seemed more contented as a result.

Pete is very professional and gave me feedback throughout the treatment so I understood which parts he was working on and why."

Joanna Champion

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Function Therary
Function Therary
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