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Several falls had left me with constant shoulder pain and weakness that was severely impacting day-to-day activities not to mention my ability to cycle, run and rock climb... After just four sessions I was able to cycle 40 miles pain-free and had managed my hardest indoor lead climb for two years.
Dr Anna Morris. Click Here to read more

Peter really looks at how your whole body is working to see where the knock on effects of each minor niggle or ache are affecting you and then works on each area to achieve the best results.
Seánna Holland, PT. Click Here to read more.

After a few sessions of cst with Peter some long standing areas of tension in my body felt much improved. Peter is clearly an experienced practitioner who works with sensitivity and as such I am happy to recommend him.
Belinda Staple Hurst, Yoga Teacher. Click Here to read more.

Before working with Peter, I had sore knees for many years...We tried Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and after a small number of sessions had improved my walking... Walking is a joy again, and knees are under control...Thank you, Peter.
Elise Smithson. Click Here to read more.

I had particular trouble with hamstring pain, to a point where sometimes it felt as if it could snap... Following the treatment my hamstring felt so much better during and after my workouts that followed that week, and after just a couple more sessions I was able to power stride 15 miles niggle/pain free! I have no hesitation in recommending Peter.
Nicki Banks, PT. Click Here to read more.

Function Therary
Function Therary
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