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For me Personal Training is more than just exercising with a client. I work with my clients to define their goals and then we plan to achieve them. It is about providing support, encouragement and knowledge and most importantly enjoyment.

Move better, exercise more, run or race faster, lose weight. Setting realistic goals is the first step to making them happen. Being motivated and working together to take the right steps will empower you to reach those goals.

When I work with my clients I spend time each week training them and in our sessions we plan the time before our next session. Supporting clients to make the changes delivers far more than Just one training session.

MOVE BETTER, FEEL FITTER I work with movement based exercise to get clients moving better and feeling fitter. In any exercise it is possible to assess a clients’ movement. Breaking the movements down to a joint by joint analysis and then making subtle changes can create more movement in one joint while reducing it in another. Creating symmetry and freedom of movement goes a long way to moving better and feeling fitter.

RUN FASTER AND TRI HARDER If your goal is to improve your running or triathlon times or if you want to achieve a specific goal in a particular race then I can support you. I provide training plans based on extensive research and up to date principals. Structured exercise progression will take you from where you are to where you want to go. I then support the more intense sessions to help you push yourself to get that little bit extra.

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