Function Therary


Loughborough University
BEng Hons

OSSM Oxford School of Sports Massage
Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy Level 5 Diploma

Member of Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage ISRM

Upledger Institute
Craniosacral Therapy 1
Craniosacral Therapy 2
Somoto Emotional Release 1
Somoto Emotional Release 2
Craniosacral Therapy for Paediatrics 1
Craniosacral Therapy for Paediatrics 2

Faster PT
Functional Training Expert
Advanced Functional Trainer
Functional Performance
Functional Therapy
Gym instructor Personal Trainer level 2
Gym instructor Personal Trainer level 3

Gray Institute
Running more than just a fast walk running biomechanics
Pelvic floor, a functional approach

OMT Osteon Manual Therapy Training
Medical Acupuncture
Spinal Manipulation

The Scapula Masterclass 2013 Salford Orthopaedic Series
Symposium looking at the diagnosis, management, rehabilitation and surgery for complex scapula disorders and the principles of Kinetic Chain with Ben Kibler, Tim Uhl and Klaus Bak. Chaired by Lennard Funk.

Function Therary
Function Therary
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