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Sports massage is the scientific manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes and injury prevention involving the restoration to normal functional activity of the various structures of the body. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activities and to maintain it in optimal condition. Massage can be used in the conditioning and training phases of sport: pre-, inter- and post-competition, and post travel.

Craniosacral Therapy works with the subtle natural rhythms of the body. It is a very gentle relaxing therapy using a very light touch. The client usually lies fully clothed on a treatment table while the therapist evaluates the body’s natural rhythmic movement. The therapist works with these rhythms using a subtle touch to achieve releases and restore balance. Craniosacral therapy can be a deeply relaxing therapeutic experience.

Functional Therapy is observing and predicting motions in the body and working to restore any dysfunctions using specific exercises and hands on techniques. Using tools such as Gait Analysis the therapist examines the client in motion looking for joint ranges and whole body function before getting hands on to help the client drive joint motion. By working with the client in motion the joint ranges and freedom of movement can quickly return delivery fast effective results.

For me Personal Training is more than just exercising with a client. I work with my clients to define their goals and then we plan to achieve them. It's about providing support, encouragement and knowledge and most importantly enjoyment.

Move better, exercise more, run or race faster, lose weight. Setting realistic goals is the first step to making them happen. Being motivated and working together to take the right steps will empower you to reach those goals.
Function Therary
Function Therary
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